A ‘very high oil consumption…coupled with a desire to use a more sustainable energy solution’ inspired a family in Gloucestershire to make the switch to a Ground Source Heat Pump to heat their 5 bedroom farmhouse.


At the time of installing their Ground Source Heat Pump, the price of oil was very high, meaning the family were facing significant heating bills each year.  The family approached Ecovision to find an alternative that would not only reduce these high fuel bills, but to find a more efficient system that would be easier to manage day to day. A paddock owned by the family, which sits adjacent to their Gloucestershire farmhouse, provided the perfect area to drill boreholes for the Ground Source Heat Pump. The property was on a single phase system, as opposed to three phase which is more common with a property of this size, which can limit the size of the heat pump available. However Ecovision were able to overcome this by providing an alternative route for additional single phase power. Ecovision successfully designed, installed and commissioned 2 Kensa 16kW Ground Source Heat Pumps, which run individually using the original and additional power routes and provide year round heating and hot water for the family.

Despite the fact that the price of oil lowered shortly after the install, the family have seen a reduction in their energy consumption by 50% in the first two years alone. Not only will the family no longer have to rely on the volatile prices of oil moving forward, putting them in control of their heating bills, but they are enjoying other benefits of being off oil, commenting ‘The pervading smell of oil or fumes has gone.  We had to replace the oil-fired Aga with an electric Aga in order to secure the grant but it meant that we could do away with oil altogether.  It is also a fact that the technology of Heat Pumps makes the whole system simple in operation, requiring very little maintenance and, to date after 21 months, trouble free.’

The Ground Source Heat Pump installation has vastly improved the comfort levels in the property in comparison to the family’s old oil boiler. Traditional, fossil fuel boiler systems work by producing on-off bursts of heat to maintain the desired room temperature, known as ‘flash heating’, whereas Heat Pumps work much more efficiently by supplying hot water to the radiators at a lower yet more constant temperature, ‘All rooms are at an appropriate ambient temperature all the time which feels like a luxury compared with heating the house up and letting it cool down twice a day.  It is essential to deal with draughts which can leach out the warmth’, the family comment.

It is often assumed that Heat Pumps will struggle in older more draughty properties, however this is simply not true.  Whilst it is true that good insulation standards will reduce the running costs of your property – regardless of the fuel source – a Heat Pump will be just as capable as a traditional system at providing all of necessary heating and hot water throughout the year, regardless of how historic or poorly insulated the property might be. Ecovision will ensure that even if the insulation standards of your property are very poor, a Heat Pump will be a year round solution, whilst also meeting minimum levels of efficiency to ensure substantial savings and tax-free incentive payments.

The family will see a return on their investment in around 6 years. This takes into account the energy savings that will be made in comparison to using oil to heat their home and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments they will receive from the government for making the switch to a renewable heating source. The family will receive the Domestic RHI, which is paid quarterly over a period of seven years.

‘A local firm of substance’ is how the family from Gloucestershire describe the reason for choosing Ecovision as their renewable energy supplier, ‘we visited another site and spoke with two (Ecovision) customers who were both pleased with the job Ecovision had done’, they comment. ‘We would, and have, recommended Ecovision because I found the firm to be professional and reliable’, they conclude.

The family have recently benefited from the Ecovision Refer a Friend scheme, which pays £350 for each installation made from a recommendations, additionally the neighbour, friend or family member referred to Ecovision will receive £150 off the purchase price of their order. To find out how a renewable heating solution from Ecovision can lower energy bills at your property call us on 01666 501580 or visit www.ecovisionsystems.co.uk/. A 15-20 minute telephone consultation with one of Ecovision’s trained team will determine which technology is best suited to your property.