Reflecting on our Install at Glasshouse – The UK’s Largest Horizontal Ground Source Heat Pump

The Project: Installing an innovative and ground-breaking Ground Source Heat Pump in a 16 acre/ 64,750m² commercial glass growing house containing 20MW of oil boilers based on a 400 acre site in North-East England.

The Brief

  • To reduce the dependency on oil (2 No 10MW oil boilers were always on standby)
  • To achieve a 12°C uplift whilst integrating with the existing climate control system
  • Design & install a heating system to complement the existing installation
  • To improve the existing emitter system
  • Provide accurate and online performance monitoring
  • RHI and energy payback in 3-4 years

The Installation

  • 4 no 500kW CIAT GSHP in parallel
  • Thermal mapping of the collector area
  • Advanced training with GLD software
  • Designed to work between 2-14° C
  • GPS mapping of installation
  • Installation performed whilst an upgrade of the pipe hanging system was being undertaken
  • From breaking ground to completion 4 months
  • Commissioning and balancing 1 month

Predicted Results of Installation vs Actual

 • The existing pipework and steel that was removed was sold to a grower in Holland for €65,000 which was re-invested in insulation and compartmentation of the individual bays

• Better control and optimisation and increased productivity

•RH control has reduced disease and crop yield has increased

•One of the 10MW oil boilers has been totally decommissioned

This revolutionary installation won the Rushlight Awards, recognising Ecovision’s full turnkey solution, consultancy, design, installation and commissioning of the system


What is a Ground Source Heat Pump?

A Ground Source Heat Pump can provide an efficient renewable energy solution for heating your property, pool or hot water. Whereas traditional, fossil fuel, boiler systems work by producing on-off bursts of heat to maintain the desired room temperature, a Ground Source Heat Pump will work much more efficiently by taking heat from the ground and pumping it across refrigerant-filled coils to generate super-heated gases for the purpose of heating water to high temperatures for either hot water use or space heating, through a radiator or underfloor heating system. Supplying hot water to the radiators at a lower yet more constant temperature, this will give you a controlled level of year-long heat, plus all the hot water you need. 

What are the Benefits of Installing a Ground Source Heat Pump?

  • RHI and MMSP government grants
  • Lower fuel bills compared to fossil fuel alternatives
  • The entire process is highly efficient providing reliable hot water and central heating for your home
  • The pump can last in excess of twenty years
  • Ecovision can undertake the entire installation, providing the complete design, supply, installation and commissioning of the system, without any need for third parties or subcontractors

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