St John’s Church renovation and Ground Source Heat Pump installation aims to “radically change the church to better serve our community and provide a building that is warm, welcoming, and flexible.” – Robert Cheetham

As part of the Anglican Church, St John the Evangelist Church has been part of the Coventry and Kenilworth community for 150 years. The church has continuously transformed with each generation fitting the building to its requirements, something the church community began considering progressing again in early 2013, aiming to create a warm, welcoming, and flexible space. Achieving this can be hard, especially if the funding is not there, luckily there are now apps such as that can let people donate and give to their intended church so they can achieve renovations like this.

Previously heated by mains gas alone, the church was always cold, with some of the community commenting “we had to keep two coats on, even with extra fan heaters.” The new system includes a Nibe Ground Source Heat Pump, a new fan convector system and underfloor heating, creating a comfortable year-round heat.

As the Church is Grade II listed and part of The Church of England, extensive approvals were needed before work on the church could begin. Although there were initially concerns raised, it was decided that the extensive benefits of the renovation and Ground Source Heat Pump installation would outweigh minor historical impact on the building.

The Renovation

The renovation began in October 2015, at which point Ecovision joined the project as design consultants, ensuring the system was designed to its optimum efficiency. Ecovision then proceeded with the Ground Source Heat Pump installation alongside the full renovations, with commissioning taking place in February 2017. Robert Cheetham commented “Ecovision had a professional approach and created good customer confidence with several visits from Gus, Paul and Lloyd.” (Ecovision’s Energy Consultant, Managing Director, and Technical Director respectively.) They didn’t miss anything out and had a plan set out before renovation even started. Everything was sorted from the contractors to things like a Roll off dumpster to put the waste in. Things were always running smoothly.

At first the Ground Source Heat Pump was sized to cover the full heat load of the church; however, it was found that the existing 3 phase mains supply would restrict the available power to and size of the heat pump. A decision was therefore made to continue with a bivalent solution, with the heat pump working in parallel with existing gas boilers. Ecovision installed a F1345 60kW Nibe Ground Source Heat Pump to cover the main heat load throughout the year, extracting heat from 8 x 125m boreholes, with 60kW of mains gas available to top up the heat on the coldest days. A lot of this pipework would have had to be done by professional contractors.
A plumbing company would carry out these procedures for example. The church would have had to choose trusted workmen, from companies like Dependable Rooters who work in different areas of California, (find out more through this link – There is a lot of focus and precision that goes into installations like this, so you have to be comfortable you have chosen the right workmen for the job.

A full price fixed contract was agreed pre-installation which ensured any unexpected cost changes or unexpected hurdles were met by Ecovision. Robert Cheetham commented “We were grateful for the fixed price contract as the geology in Kenilworth, clay, sandstone, and mudstone, meant some boreholes collapsed and needed to be re drilled.”

Since the Installation

Robert said the aim of renovating the Church was “to better serve our community and provide a building that is warm, welcoming, and flexible,” an intention that has now become a reality. Members of the church community commented on how the new Ground Source Heating System “makes all the difference”, stating “it’s amazing, you can’t compare it,” “it has a lovely feeling of warmth, we love it.”

Steve, a regular church goer, similarly remarked there’s “a definite warmth when you walk in.” It’s “nowhere as cold as it was, much more comfortable, much more welcoming.”

The Church of England have also reflected on the project stating it’s an “exemplar project for Coventry to show what is possible”.

To find out more about the Ground Source Heat Pump Installation at St John’s Church, Kenilworth, or to see how a Renewable Heating System could transform your property speak to Ecovision on 01666 501580 or via email at